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In Florida on vacation with family. Just stepped out of restaurant and saw a crane car surfing on the hood of a moving vehicle. Wow. Apparently, they do that here. Hilarious.

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Well the good news is that we're finally moving up to the big house on our place because, and this is the bad news, last night our house was flood with almost a foot of water. No one was hurt. All the dogs and birds are okay. Everything we weren't able to get off the floor and onto higher ground is soaked. It's depressing but thank God it was only a foot of water, nothing higher, and that it eventually ebbed away.

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One of the best thing I like about this new camera (besides panoramic photo-taking) is that when I upload pictures...they're in order! Yeah I know, it's something I thought every camera should do, but apparently not.
So yeah, pictures from this Acen 2011:  http://s773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/rockymokui/Acen%202011/

I'm surprised I didn't take any pictures Thusday of Acen; I usually do. Anyhow, I think Friday night was so much fun everyone just hanging around the dining area, talking and goofing around. I also really enjoyed Elf's, Vaidah's, and Ewowyn's Shojo panal earlier that day. I learned about some new titles that way. Also, so happy I got to see Prom! You know when the average high school comes to prom at the convention center and see everyone in colorful costumes. Surprised it was Friday when it’s usually runs on Saturdays. Sarah and I made the cutest non-nations from Hetalia (Hong Kong and Sealand). Plus it was cool see TechnoRanma and her crew. It’s a shame I missed them the rest of the weekend.

It's too bad I missed the f***:30 Saturday morning. Sad thing was I was actually awake just thought it was later. Again, the Embassy complimentary breakfast rules. Plate full of bacon: YES!

It was fun doing all those photo shoots with Elf and Tree. Thanks you guys for amusing me with my ideas. I wish I could have gotten Melody and crew in their Doctor Horrible costumes on my camera, but I got it off someone else’s. So, it’s all good.

The Venture Bros. panel got pushed back (too many people wanted to see and they initially gave it a small room) and they had Dean’s VA announce it to us. He was a cool guy, he stuck around and hanged out with fans, giving out autographs, having pics taken of him, and he even asked politely to take other people’s pics. Very sweet guy. I really enjoyed his panel too. It turned more from a Venture panel to a panel about him which was okay because he has such nice stories. I love the story about how he got into mainstream voice acting (TMNT). Very amusing.

Spent a lot of time with CatWho this weekend and I barely have any pictures of her. Odd. Ah well, we had a fun Dealer’s Room and Mitsuwa run. Mitsuwa is so tasty and this year I got a bunch of those sandwiches I always love, yet they are always sold out of when I get there.

Oh yeah! Red Bull car! They were giving away free samples too! Yes! Dani gave me hers (thank you!) because she felt it tasted like something disgusting I don’t want to repeat. So I enjoyed my two cans of something disgusting I don’t want to repeat.

I also broke down and brought one of those orange wigs they were selling in the Dealer’s Room for my Italy costume. Heh, when I was putting it on I kept saying how orange it was and Vaidah had so idea what I was saying. “Oran-Ju?” she asked what the hell was I say. Had a good laugh over that. So, I am now Oran-Ju, the greatest anime character evah. Had fun at Jelly’s panel. Great again. Got to see more peeps outside after the panel. Made another dealer’s room run. Got a cute lil strawberry ring for myself. Took some more fun pics. Had fun Rping with other people dressed as me. Both were Chibitalia’s. The second Chibitalia could have broken my spine, that’s how hard she hugged. I even told her this too.

Chibitalia (IC): You’re just not strong! You need to go to the gym more often
Italy(IC): But I do! Every other day…Just when I get there, well, there are so many hot girls there I just have to talk to them and before I know it, the gym is closing!

Hehehe, that was fun. Oh yeah, soccer uniforms=most comfortable costumes evah. In fact, Dani and I went home in them (we just took our wigs off). Also, SO glad to find out they have contact lens that won’t dry my eyes out. Ugh. The last year my contacts have been killing me. Thanks for the advice, Sarah!

Sad we had to leave Sunday. I think next year I’m going to plan to stay Sunday night just to spend more time with peeps. It’s fun at convention but convention things also get in way of spending time.

Anyhow, the next day, Dani and I flew to Florida for theme park vacation, but that is another post for another day.



Italy Happy

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Was going to post about Acen and current Florida vacation.... but man, feel so relaxed after soaking my feet in a tub of Epsom Salt. Ooooo.

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So I've been so excited for this vacation and now that is starts tomorrow I am so... apprehensive. Wtf. I've been packed for a week. Got everything on my check list. What? Is this feeling because I don't have a last minute costume that I should be sewing and losing sleep over? Or maybe I've always had this feeling before my Chicago trip and I always blamed it on lack of sleep/last minute costumes. I dunno.

Anyway... Vacation tomorrow! Won't be back home till Memorial Day.

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Well just finished packing for the Acen and Florida trip. So paranoid I am forgetting something I won't even think till I am already there. If I do however, oh well. I look forward to catching up with peeps and give out lotsa hugs to the them. See you there, gang.